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Wall mounted energy storage power supply

Product model: hf4835u80-145+mc4860n15

Quantity: 1

Load: Farm lights

Battery: lithium battery, 48V, 10kwh

Components: 9 400W boards

Area of use: Belize

Application scenario: Farm

Date: November 15, 2021

Power generation mode: hybrid power generation (mainly PV)

Wall mounted energy storage power supply

Four 250ah colloidal batteries and nine 2.5kW modules.

Load: 3500W industrial induction cooker, 5 18W energy-saving lamps, 1 50W pre festival lamp, 600W rice cooker, a display cabinet refrigerator, an freezer and a TV (not started at the same time)

Wall mounted energy storage power supply

A friend from Africa bought a wall mounted energy storage power supply and put it in the kitchen for cooking. The power supply has been cut off and the mobile phone has been recharged.

Wall mounted energy storage power supply

1. Product model: hf2430560-100 (special program)

2 Quantity: 15

3 load: 3kw

4 battery: 24V lithium battery

5: Components

6 area of use: Nigeria

7 application scenario: off grid energy storage for users, PAYGO system

Wall mounted energy storage power supply

1. Product model: hf4850580-h

2 Quantity: 2

3 load: refrigerator, 1.5HP air conditioner, bulb and electric fan

4 batteries: 16 12V 200ah batteries

5: Module: 32 300W single crystal solar modules

6 area of use: Anambra state, Nigeria

7 application scenario: off grid energy storage user system

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